Update: I started a food tour company!

Hello to my 3 readers!

I know I have been very absent from my [also very new] blog.  Shortly after starting the blog I decided to leave the food tour company that I was working for and start my own!  I had been working as a food tour guide for a company here in Nashville for two and a half years, and I absolutely loved being a guide.  After some careful reflection and a lot of number crunching I decided that it would be in my best interest to leave and start my own.  Exciting, right?  It’s also super scary, intimidating, and a lot of hard work, but alas, my company A Little Local Flavor is off the ground!

I have been learning a ton about design, marketing, Instagram, and Google Ads.  I feel bad about letting this blog lapse, but I do plan to come back and share all that I’ve learned at some point.  For now though, I have to keep my eyes set on learning and doing as much as I can to make this new venture successful.

I would love for you to check out and share my website.  It is www.alittlelocalflavor.com

If you are ever in the Nashville area you can use the code GETRICHSLOWLY (made especially for my friend J.D. Roth the writer at Get Rich Slowly) for 20% off!

Thank you loyal readers!  Don’t worry, I’ll be back.

Happiness Through Financial Demise

I want to give you a bit of background about me before we dive deeper into the nitty gritty of financial topics. Afterall, we all need context, right?

Here are the basics:

  • I am a bartender and a local tour guide in the city where we live.  
  • My husband and I are DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), and homeowners.  
  • We are pursuing FI on 2 incomes that fluctuate week to week and month to month, which presents its own set of unique challenges and advantages. [Don’t worry, we’ll get more into this in later posts]
  • We sit squarely in the 12% tax bracket

Here’s how we got there: my husband and I experienced job losses that resulted in us losing 80% of our combined income in the first 6 weeks we were married! Eek! Out of necessity we had to ‘stop the bleeding’ and completely overhaul our life and spending habits. Our finances were about to make or break our relationship.

That was back in 2014. Fast forward 3 and half years to now. Our income has increased from it’s lowest low right after we were married, but we never got that 80% back. In fact, we make less combined than my sole income before the layoff. Despite our drastically lower income, this financial setback has been the biggest blessing.  

Financial demise is a funny thing. When circumstances knock your entire life to the ground you have to question everything. We were forced to switch over to survival mode, and do whatever it took to make ends meet. We had to scramble, hustle, and claw our way back to ‘breaking even,’ but eventually, we also got the opportunity to build our life the way that we wanted it to look. If our life hadn’t been torn to shreds, we never would have been brave enough to change the ‘status quo.’ Without being forced, we would not have chosen to re-build our life, and in turn figure out the ways to maximize our happiness.

Let’s be clear – It was not all sunshine and rainbows. There were many dark days and incredibly tough decisions on the road from there to here. Identity crisis, unemployment, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, and some days just straight out fear of the future. Having to move from our beautiful rental home to a pretty icky rental was one of the toughest decisions for me. I’ll dive deeper into all things good, bad, and ugly in future posts, but today I want to share with you our belief system.

Our belief system

My husband and I routinely ask ourselves these 3 questions:

  1. What do we want our life to look like? (What things are important to us?)
  2. What is the cheapest way to get this life year after year?
  3. How do we plan and prepare our finances to become FI as early as possible? [While living a life that puts value on the things most important to us]

We have found great fulfillment and happiness by living true to the answers of those 3 questions. Being creative has allowed us to save more money than I thought possible on our low incomes, buy a house, and have more freedoms than we ever had. We’ve learned different life hacks, savings ideas, tax optimization, travel hacking, and the power of community. Earning less income does not need to be as restricting as our culture tells us it is. I am excited to share with you the financial tips and money moves that changed our life.

Making Money Moves Together

Welcome to My Next Money Move!  I am so glad that you found your way here!  This blog was born 4 days ago at CampFI SE 2017 in Gainsville, FL.

My content will be geared towards lower to middle income earners that are interested in making money moves that will ultimately bring them to Financial Independence (FI).

As we get started on this journey together here are few things you should know:

  1. I believe in sharing stories, building community, and radical honesty
  2. We’ll discuss ways to reduce expenses, increase income, and tax optimization strategies for those in lower income brackets
  3. Don’t worry, this blog is not about extreme deprivation, but about reducing spending while maximizing happiness
  4. Yes! You can build a life that you love while pursuing FI – I’ll teach you how
  5. My husband and I sit squarely in the in the 12% tax bracket, so we are walking the walk and implementing new strategies right along with you
  6. Please be patient as I get this site up and running.  I am not the most technologically savvy person, and I am learning as I go.

I am looking forward to learning together!